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Microsoft kicked off Gamescom 2015 today having a media showcase full of Xbox one and also PC games, trailers and also announcements - we streamed the video as well as reside texted the event as it unfolded.

VG247's Pat Garratt is actually manned the livetext, tapping out the news and also reveals as they happened, using back-up via Matt Martin, who has been simply inside the audience praying to get a DJ Hero 3 exclusive reveal. Sadly pertaining to him, an announcement didn't happen.

It began at 4pm CET / 3pm GMT / 10am ET / 7am PST.

Microsoft opened gamescom 2015 using 90 minutes of Xbox 1 and PC games; featuring new titles, completely new footage and info about several hot games, release dates plus a few surprises.

Microsoft doesn't have any kind of competition through Sony this year, so which it had happens to end up being able to itself for an open up goal pertaining to media attention. Throughout case you didn't, the on-demand model in the conference will be posted above.

You could in addition get a recap on the information through our lovely round up publish filled with linkage. Just Like several sort of multimedia heaven along with hell.

Watch the wedding over as well as re-read the particular livetext below. Hopefully anyone got from bed, had some coffee as well as pinned back your own eyelids

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