Canine Caper Targeting High Dollar Dogs -

It's fast, easy money," stated Kyle Evans with the Murfreesboro police department.

Police said there's little doubt any thief intentionally stole the particular dogs. Both are usually held inside a latched kennel in a fenced backyard.

Why consider such danger to steal the particular pets?.

A latest theft ended amazingly with the dogs rescued along with safely returned. Individuals responsible tend to be nonetheless in particular canvasing neighborhoods.

There's a new booming black marketplace and Abner stated this latest theft is way in the first.

"Animals have a very high resale value," mentioned Evans.

Owners are usually encouraged to consider precautions and also that includes having your pets micro-chipped. It's the best option regarding recovery if that they are stolen.

"It's terrible since it's somebody's family members. Pets tend to be family members members," mentioned worried neighbor Diane Abner.

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - Pet owners beware. Murfreesboro police say brazen thieves are targeting high-dollar dogs.

Evans stated the particular dog-nappers tend to be typically outsiders whom cruise neighborhoods searching for targets after which leave town to be able to sell them in Craigslist elsewhere..

"Extremely lucky as well as uncommon and a excellent story they were returned," said Abner.


"We've stood a large amount of lacking dogs, purebred ones and also it's with regards to what's likely on along with what they're doing using the dogs," mentioned Abner. Whatever the case the authorities department desires capture individuals responsible.

They believe your pet thieves, possibly an organized ring, are generally nonetheless out there canvassing neighborhoods all through the actual mid-state region.

"Golden doodles are generally heading for around $500 apiece. .

Labradoodles may go pertaining to even more.

Someone stole the woman's neighbor's 2 labradoodles out of his backyard within broad daylight. The Particular owner informed us on the actual phone which each dogs possibly escaped or perhaps had been dumped from the person who stole them.

Police asserted substantial dollar dogs are generally many usually offered pertaining to cash while additional animals are stolen sometimes as bait pertaining to illegal dog fighting

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